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Not all temples have typical, beautiful relief since generally they are decorated with statues and general relief as those found in almost all other temples. One of the temples with specific, beautiful relief is Gampingan, a temple that was incidentally found by a brick craftsman in Gampingan Village, Piyungan, Bantul in 1995. Small and incomplete, Gampingan temple is still rich in the enchanting relief.
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Going along the street leading to the southern part of Queen Boko Palace complex is such an exciting journey, especially for cultural tourism lovers. The reason is that there are so many temples mushrooming in that area. One of them that is rarely talked about is Candi Ijo or Ijo Temple; one temple of which location is the highest compared to other temples in Yogyakarta.
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The local inhabitant discovered the Gebang temple in November 1936 in a form of Ganesha statue. Based on the finding, the Archeological Services began to investigate, resulting that the Ganesha statue should not stand alone, but a part of a building. To follow up the results, a digging up around the location of the Ganesha statue began. Ruins of temple roof were found on which a little part of the body and the base appeared to be intact.
After the digging, an experiment on its previous construction was carried out. It initiated the reconstruction even though some substituting stones were used for a part of the body. The restoration of the Gebang temple was carried out from 1937 to 1939, led by Prof. Dr. Ir. Van Romondt.
Description of the building of Candi Gebang (Gebang Temple)
The squared building of 5.25 x 5.25 m and 7.75 in height has a high proportion of the feet without any relief on it (plain). There is no entrance stairs, or it is probably made of ... Read more »
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Pawon Temple is one and half kilometers westward from Mendut Temple and eastward from Borobudur Temple, it is also a Buddhist temple. When appreciating in detail, its sculpture is the beginning of Borobudur sculpture.
Pawon Temple is not a grave but as a place to keep King Indra's weapon namely Vajranala. This temple was built with volcanic stones. Architecturally it is a blend of old Javanese Hindu and Indian art. Pawon temple is exactly in the central point of the straight line stretched from Borobudur to Mendut Temple.
Perhaps it was built for kubera. It is on a wide rather terrace with steps. All parts are decorated with stupa(s) on dagoba(s) and its outside walls with symbolic pictures.
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Candi Mendut (Mendut Temple) is 3 kilometers eastward from Borobudur Temple. It is a Buddhist temple, built in 824 A.D. by King Indera of Cailendra dynasty.
There are three big statues inside, they are:
Cakyamuni sitting in cross legged pose with dharma cakra mudra (= turning the wheel of dharma hand pose)
Awalokiteswara, a bodhi satwa as human being helper.Awalokiteswara is a statue with Amitabha on her crown, Vajrapani. She is holding a red lotus and put on her palm.
... Read more »
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Most people will mention Borobudur when talking about Buddhism temples. Whereas, there are many other Buddhism temples in Yogyakarta; one of them that is closely related to Borobudur is Tara temple. This temple that is located in Kalibening village in Kalasan was built by the same person who conceptualized Borobudur temple, namely Rakai Panangkaran. Since it is located in Kalasan area, this temple is popular with the name of Kalasan temple.

... Read more »
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Who does not know Borobudur? This Buddhist temple has 1460 relief panels and 504 Buddha effigies in its complex. Millions of people are eager to visit this building as one of the World Wonder Heritages. It is not surprising since architecturally and functionally, as the place for Buddhists to say their prayer, Borobudur is attractive.
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Welcome to Goa
Welcome to Goa! The land where the flow of heady feni never ceases and revelry pays no heed to day or night. The land of hectic activity and soporific marijuana calm. The land of warm blazing days and cool soothing nights. The land of wild rave parties and long lazy afternoon siestas. A land also of endless stretches of soft sand, nut-brown friendly people and excited busy bazaars. Goa, mother to seven rivers of the Sahyadri range and full of perfect contradictions.
Capital : Panjim or Panaji
Main Attractions ... Read more »
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Welcome to Kerala, God's Own Country. You are surfing 'the place to visit' in India, besides the Taj Mahal. Kerala is one of the ten 'Paradises Found' by the National Geographic Traveler, for its diverse geography and overwhelming greenery. It is a land much acclaimed for the contemporary nature of its cultural ethos, and much appreciated for the soothing, rejuvenating paradise that it is.
... Read more »
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Kolkata - The City of Joy
Victoria Memorial

Calcutta now known as Calcutta, is a city of Joy that brings different ideas, memories & experiences for different section of people. It is mostly a place to be felt rather than just seen. Having undergone a sea change as far as the metropolitan scenario is concerned, Kolkata, the city on the banks of River Hooghly, is now also becoming one of the important IT hubs (mostly at S ... Read more »
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