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Kolkata Travel
6:41 AM
Kolkata - The City of Joy
Victoria Memorial

Calcutta now known as Calcutta, is a city of Joy that brings different ideas, memories & experiences for different section of people. It is mostly a place to be felt rather than just seen. Having undergone a sea change as far as the metropolitan scenario is concerned, Kolkata, the city on the banks of River Hooghly, is now also becoming one of the important IT hubs (mostly at Salt Lake and Rajarhat Area) in India.
Kolkata is one of the four chief metro of India along with Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, the city of Kolkata was a mere village in the 17th century. Then, it developed thus largely due to the influence of the European powers, particularly during the British Raj. It is natural that Kolkata has some of the fantastic edifices with British architectural styles.In Kolkata city you must visit some of the places of interest like the Victoria Memorial, (pic shown above) Botanical Gardens, and Raj Bhavan. Victoria Memorial is huge white-marble structure built as a paean to the Grand Empress and reflects the influence of the British culture to a large extent. However, more specifically, it is a cross between classical western and Mughal style. Opened on 1921, it contains massive oil paintings in the Royal Gallery, depicting episodes from Queen Victoria’s long, eventful life and reign, a remarkable collection of the British colonial era.
Howrah Bridge 272 acres of lush greenery on the outskirts of Kolkata – that is what BotanicalGardens is all about. Home to several species of flora, ranging from 250 year old Banyan tree to a large variety of aquatic plants, particularly the Victoria Amazonica, Sicilian double coconut tree, bamboo trees, the multi-branched Palmyra tree and a huge variety of cactus, orchids and other flowering plants, the place is hugely visited by tourists and residents alike.
Indian Museum is the oldest museum in India, constructed in 1874, the , housing one of the exclusive collections of archeological artifacts. Apart from this Academy of Fine Arts, Birla Planetarium, and Dalhousie Square are other tourist attractions in Kolkata. The tram ride in this city on your Kolkata tour is a special interest and walks in the Maidan area can be really romantic.
Tourists have a huge range of accommodation options to choose from as there are budget hotels, economy hotels, and star category hotels as well, catering to the different needs of different people. They are mostly convenient and provide all the contemporary facilities.
Area : 1,380 sq km
Population : 12 million
Altitude : 17 ft above sea level
Best time to visit: October to March
Languages : Bengali, Hindi, and English
STD Code : 033

Belur Math Temple

Dakhineswar Temple

History : The 1st capital of the British in India, Calcutta- Kolkata does not have an ancient history like New Delhi. The city was established in year of 1686 when British moved to the small villages of Govindpur, Sutanati, and Kalikata from their trading port of Hooghly. The city got its name from the last of the settlements mentioned above. The city progressed well until 1756 when Siraj-Ud-Daula (Nawab of Bengal) attacked the town and drove away the British. Lord Clive retook Calcutta- Kolkata and until 1911, Calcutta- Kolkata remained the capital of the British government in India. Being the center of power for so long created a unique culture and heritage of the city, totally unlike any other city of India. The people here are proud of their culture and can go to any length to defend it. The humanity of the city can be felt only through visiting the place and not by reading.

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing

As Calcutta- Kolkata is near the sea, the city has uniform temperature throughout the year. The temperature ranges from 12-27°C in the winter and 24-38°C in the summer. Annual rainfall is around 160 cm. Humidity level can be very high in the summers and can make one's life difficult. Cotton clothing is ideal for the summer months whereas light woolens are required for the winters.

Howrah Bridge
Eden Gardens : In the North-West corner of the Maidan are small & pleasantly laid out Eden Gardens.The gardens were created in 1840 and named after the sister of Lord Auckland, the former governer general. The idea was to make a Biblical - style garden of Eden in India. The expanse dotted with beautiful trees and shrubs is intersected by winding paths, and there is a large artificial lake. Alongside the gardens, is the world famous Eden Gardens cricket stadium. The stadium is supposed to be the largest in Asia with a seating capacity of more than a lakh spectators. The calcutta cricket ground, where International test & one day matches are held, is also with in the gardens. Near the gardens you can take a pleasant walk along the bank of hoogly river
Saheed Minar
Vidyasagar Setu
: Vidyasagar Setu a golden Gate Bridge look alike, 2kms downriver, was completed in 1994. It is a modern day engineering marvel and is the largest cable stayed bridge in Asia. The bridge connects the twin cities of Calcutta and Howrah. It was built at a cost of Rs. 388 crores. Unfortunately it is not making the big difference that was envisaged, as the approaches are too narrow to to handle the amount of traffic that use bridge, and plans for widening the road are slow in implementation
Birla Planetarium : This planetarium, near the government of India tourist office, is one of the largest in the world and is located on Calcutta's Eastern metropolitan bypass. There are shows in English everyday. This 21st century marvel of science, communication and environment is the first and only institution of its kind in India. Set amidst trees and lawns, here one finds science out of doors and alive
Science City : It is located on Calcutta's Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. This 21st century marvel of science, communication and environment is the first and only institution of its kind in India.The pioneering effort of NCSM, in setting up open air Science Parks has now added a new dimension to science teaching through a process of discovery in the outdoor setting. Set amidst trees and lawns, here one finds science out of doors and alive
Indian Museum : This museum was established in 1878 on Jawaharlal Nehru Road. The museum is built in Italian architectural style and is considered as the largest museum in the country and one of the best in Asia. The largest museum in the country, the museum has six sections: Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Zoology and Industry (economic botany). From the Egyptian mummy to the skeleton of the whale and some rare statues; the museum has every thing. One of the rooms has a collection of meteorites. The museum also has a unique fossil collection of prehistoric animals which includes a giant crocodile and a huge tortorise.The art collection has many fine pieces from Orissa and other temples and superb example of Buddhist Gandharan art.
Zoological Gardens : Calcutta's interesting zoo-the oldest in India-was the creation of Sir Richard Carnac Temple who was Governor of Bengal from 1874 to 1877. It was opened on Jan 1st 1876, by the Prince of Wales. The 16 hectare grounds house a wide species of animals & birds including the rare white Bengal Tiger. There is a separate reptile house and a children's zoo. Migratory birds find sanctuary on a small lake in the zoo every winter. The gardens are open from 6 a.m. To 5 p.m. daily. The Zoological Gardens at Alipore opened to the public in 1876, have one of the finest collections of birds, animals, and reptiles. Within the Gardens, there is also a childrens' Zoo. The aquarium in front of the Zoological Gardens contains sea-fishes of rare varieties.
Rabindra Sadan
Botanical Gardens : The extensive Botanical Gardens, on the west bank of the Hoogly river, strech forever 1 km along the river and occupy 109 hectares. The gardens were originally founded in 1786 and administered by Colonel Kyd. It was from these gardens that the tea now grown in Assam and Darjeeling was first developed. Trees of the rarest kinds, from Nepal, Brazil, Penang, Java and Sumatra can be found here. There are towering Mahogany trees, an avenue of Cuban Palms and an Orchid House. Mango and Tamarind trees shade the grassy lawns. But the main attraction of the garden is the 200 year old Banyan Tree, claimed to have the second largest canopy in the world. It is the world's largest, having a circumference of 330m. The Palm House in the centre of gardens is also well worth a visit.The gardens are over the Howrah Bridge, 19Km by bus from Chowringhee. The gardens are open from sunrise to sunset, and although they tend to be very crowded on Sunday, on other days they are peaceful and make a pleasant escape from the hassles and crowd of Calcutta.
Birla Mandir
Tagore House
Nicco Park
: Nicco Park is situated at Salt Lake. This Amusement park is the Disneyland of West Bengal, with a variety of unusual games and rides. The Cave Ride is the latest addition and is the only of its kind in this part of the world. The park is open to the public from 10.00 A.M to 8.00 P.M everyday during the winter and 11.00 A.M to 9.00 P.m everyday during the rest of the year
Kankinara : Why Kankinara? Becuase it's my hometown. Come to my small town. Here, you will get Phuchkas (Paani puri), Aalu (Potato) Kaat, Kachuri and many more fast food. Bhatpara is Bengali oriented area where you can see Bengali culture and Kachari Road is the main market at Kankinara.

Calcutta Travel Tips

In this article, we will provide you with some safety guidelines for Calcutta travel. Going haphazardly without proper planning doesn't give satisfaction and also leads to chaos. We will give you a couple of Calcutta travel tips that will help you plan your tour in a systematized manner.

Dos & don'ts for Kolkata travel:
For the international tourists, it is always advisable to carry their Indian visa, as it is cumbersome to get one after arriving
Carry all your important documents and money
If you are traveling alone, don't publicize it.
In case you happen to lose your passport, immediately lodge a complaint at the police station and also inform your country's embassy.
It is advisable to carry adequate photocopies of your passport, traveler's checks and insurance.
Beware of touts and agents.
Make sure that your hotel reservation is done and it is confirmed.
To secure your belongings, use a combination lock.

Hotels in Calcutta
Circular 177 A, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, Calcutta 700 014 Ph 22441533
Jagannath VIP Road Kaikali More, Kolkata 700 052 Ph 22528863
Kunga Hotel 18, Black Burn Lane, Calcutta 700 073 Ph 22372970
VIP International 51, Mirza Galib Street, Calcutta 700 016 Ph 22293774
YMCA 25, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Calcutta 700 087 Ph 22492192

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